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Cleaning Mirror

Standard Cleaning (Most Popular) 
Surface cleaning of the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and common areas. (Select add-on's as needed)
Deep Cleaning - Call for a quote
Recommended for first-time clients or if your home hasn't been professionally cleaned for more than 60 days.
Move-In/Out- Call for a quote
Includes Deep Cleaning, Fridge, Oven, Wall Washing, Baseboards, and Cabinets 

How Frequent?
Recurring discounts start on your 2nd cleaning.
Every other month - 5% off
Every 4 weeks - 10% off
Every 3 weeks - 12% off
Every 2 weeks - 15% off
Weekly - 20% off

Description of Services By Rooms

•    Replacing Sheets (if provided)
•    Making The Bed
•    Light tidy up
•    Vacuuming/Sweep the Floor
•    Removing Cobwebs
•    Dusting Surfaces
•    Lamp/Light Fixtures
•    Wipe Light Switches
•    Windows/Blinds (extra)
•    Clean Mirrors
•    Wiping Ceiling Fan (extra)

•    Bathroom Sinks
•    Bathroom Counters
•    Toilet Inside and Out
•    Bathroom Cabinets
•    Inside of Cabinets (extra)
•    Shower Head
•    Shower Walls
•    Shower Doors
•    Bathroom Mirrors
•    Wipe Towel Rack
•    Sweep and Mop the Floor
•    Windows/Blinds (extra)

•    Kitchen Sink
•    Wiping Counter Tops
•    Stove Tops
•    Kitchen Cabinets
•    Inside of Cabinets (extra)
•    Wipe Tables/Chairs
•    Sweep and Mop the Floor
•    Microwave
•    Toaster
•    Refrigerator (front)
•    Inside of Fridge (extra)
•    Inside of Oven (extra)

Living Areas
•    Vacuum Floors
•    Vacuum Furniture
•    Light tidy up
•    Removing Cobwebs
•    Dusting Surfaces
•    Wipe/Dust Picture Frames
•    Lamp/Light Fixtures
•    Wipe Ceiling Fan (extra)
•    Wipe TV/Accessories
•    Under Furniture
•    Baseboards (extra)
•    Windows/Blinds (extra)

Select any of the  add-on's below  for your cleaning needs (Extra Charge)

Inside Oven 

Inside Kitchen Cabinets (empty)

Inside Bathroom Cabinets (empty) 

Wiping ceiling fans 

Wiping Baseboards

Interior Windows 

Sliding glass doors 

Wiping down blinds 

Patio Cleaning 

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